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The Czech RegioJet launches trains between Prague, Lviv and Kyiv

From June 11, the Czech carrier RegioJet will launch a regular railway service between Prague, Lviv and Kyiv.
The carrier will repeat the route of humanitarian trains departing from Prague to Przemyśl. Passengers will be able to use this opportunity without restrictions.
In this way, RegioJet responds to the high demand from Ukrainians who want to return home. For Ukrainian citizens, a ticket from Prague to Lviv will cost 229 kroons (9 euros) and to Kyiv - 639 kroons (25 euros).
The Czech carrier has long planned to establish a railway connection between Prague and Kyiv. The company wanted to launch trains on this route by the end of 2021, but the coronavirus pandemic and the start of the war in Ukraine forced Regiojet to postpone.
Source: veter do it