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Lufthansa is testing a new passenger landing concept

Lufthansa is testing a new method of boarding the aircraft, called Wilma, reports
Lufthansa is testing a new passenger landing concept
This should reduce the time required for passengers to enter the plane and reduce the number of flight delays. In world practice, a flight is considered to be a delayed flight if it's departure more than 15 minutes late from scheduled time.
Thus, even saving a few minutes while boarding can help improve airline punctuality statistics.
Wilma is made of the words Window, Middle, Aisle, which denote the location of window seats, middle seats and aisle seats. The concept of Wilma provides that passengers, who have seats by the window board first, then travelers sitting in middle seats, and the most recent ones are passengers with seats at the aisle.
However, for passengers with children, couples and travelers flying in a group, an exception will be made - they will be able to get on the plane together no matter what place is indicated in their boarding passes.
As before, passengers of a business class will be the first to board.
Lufthansa spokesman said that in April, the airline was testing several ways to board the plane at Frankfurt Airport, and it was Wilma's concept that saved the most time.
Lufthansa intends to continue testing in September at various airports, that will be determined in upcoming weeks.