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Research on inbound, domestic and outbound tourism in Ukraine

Research on inbound, domestic and outbound tourism in Ukraine
State Agency for Tourism Development (DART) has published two major studies on inbound, domestic and outbound tourism of Ukraine. About this the press service of the department made the announcement.

DART noted that for the first time in 30 years a major analytical work on the collection of statistical data, which concern the views of the Ukrainian and foreign tourists has been made. The research was conducted by Human Research company.

The survey involved nearly 4 thousand foreign tourists from 87 countries of the world. The main purpose of the survey was to find out how foreigners visit Ukraine and how much money they spend on average during their stay in our country.

Thus, most of them traveled indirectly to major cities with airports - Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv, but only 9% of tourists during their visit to Ukraine stayed within the boundaries of one city.

As for the level of satisfaction of foreigners with their stay in our country, it is quite high - 78% of respondents consider Ukraine to be a pleasant and safe place for tourism.
The foreign guests liked most of all:
  • Ukrainian nature (85%)
  • national cuisine (82%)
  • architecture (79%)
  • historical and cultural monuments (75%)
For the second research concerning the likes of our tourists more than 23 thousand people in cities and villages all over Ukraine were interviewed. The purpose of this research is to understand where exactly and for what purpose Ukrainians travel, both inside and outside the country, and how much they spend on their travels on average.

City dwellers, mainly those who live in big cities, travel more often. Residents of Eastern and Western Ukraine travel more actively, and citizens of southern and central regions travel a little less. The main purpose of travel of Ukrainians is vacation, leisure and recreation, as reported by 68% of respondents:
  • 48% - prefers beach holidays
  • 36% - excursion tourism
  • 17% travel to the mountains
  • 14% of the purpose of travel is health tourism
As for outbound tourism, according to the study, during the past year, 18% of our citizens have traveled abroad at least once. Most of them are people aged 25-34 years old. The purpose of 77% of trips was vacation. The most popular was traveling to:
  • European countries - 42%
  • Turkey - 28%
  • Egypt - 21%