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Named the best destinations for travel in Europe in 2022

The influential travel resource European Best Destinations named the best destinations for travel in Europe in 2022.
According to a survey conducted by the resource among more than half a million travelers from 182 countries, the top capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana.

Experts of the portal note that Ljubljana will be of interest to travelers thirsty for culture, art, entertainment, gastronomy and large green areas, which all together provide a relaxed atmosphere. And Ljubljana earlier than other European cities began to plant greenery in the historic center, so now, walking here, tourists can easily hear the birds singing.

In total in the list of European Best Destinations 2022 there were 20 cities:

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia
2. Marbella, Spain
3. Amiens, France
4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
5. Leuven, Belgium
6. Oradea, Romania
7. London, Great Britain
8. Nijmegen, The Netherlands
9. Lahti Region, Finland
10. Istanbul, Turkey
11. Amalfi Coast, Italy
12. Prague, Czech Republic
13. Rome, Italy
14. Bavaria, Germany
15. Athens, Greece
16. Clonakilty, Ireland
17. Vienna, Austria
18. Lucerne, Switzerland
19. Graz, Austria
20. Crete, Greece
Source: UNIAN