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5-7 October 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 1

TOP 5 travel trends of 2021

2020 has enforced its own rules to the lives of millions of travelers. All travel enthusiasts had to adapt to the limiting conditions of the year and the specific circumstances. What travel trends are relevant in 2021? Make a note, think about how to adapt these trends to the needs of your tourists.
TOP 5 travel trends of 2021
Stay home- this is motto of 2020, which was the reason for inception of staycation concept. Aim of staycation is to fall in love with your hometown and visit its beautiful places. Get to know the history of your area and give yourself a guided tour.
Moreover, other activities come into play - exhibitions, galleries, museums and workshops. There is another very interesting feature of staycation - a weekend at a local hotel or SPA to relax and devote time to yourself.
Domestic tourism
Closed borders gave people the opportunity to explore their countries. After all, if you think about it, there are always wonderful places that you have not heard of or have not visited yet.
For example, in Ukraine there are quite a few interesting places and cities that are worth seeing: castles, temples, beaches, mountains, quarries – the list can be continued.
Road trips
During the pandemic, the romance of road trips returned and became the safest way to travel. Without crowds of people and depending on the circumstances. You are in your car, which means you are on your own - you can independently choose the route, duration of the trip and stops. On the Internet, you can find many interesting routes for a traveler by car.
Ecotrend took the lead in the past few years. Reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to escape from the routine and get a complete reboot. New Zealand, Iceland, Faroe Islands ... The list can be continued and continued.
The purpose of such kind of trevelling is to be at one with nature and do not damage it. Getting to know the best places on the planet is to realize its scale, beauty and boundless power. Such trips are always delightful and help to cope with their problems, clearing the mind.
Yoga, sports, meditation and spiritual development centers are not new. But during the quarantine, people immersed themselves in these practices more. Everyone tries to find peace in themselves and their activities, which helps to become happier and more confident.
Your world becomes better when you take care of your mental and physical health. That is why it is one of the trends of 2021.

Source: tripmydream